Tuesday, December 22, 2009

House Portrait Commissions

I enjoy drawing pen and ink house portrait drawings by commission. I work from clear photos. If the house is not too far from Vulture Mountain, Vermont, I can take photos myself, otherwise you can provide them. Clear photos and good detail shots are necessary. These house portraits make great gifts for anniversaries or for friends who are moving. They can easily be printed into holiday cards or stationery.

Here are some examples of my house portraits....

...a residence in Dennis on Cape Cod...

...a Brewster, Cape Cod residence...

...and a residence in Norfolk, MA.

House portraits are approximately 9" x 12", though size and proportions vary depending on the photos and the detail required. The general price and is $200, unframed. Contact me at kbfiskeonvulture@gmail.com for more information or to make arrangements for your house portrait.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Pear Series...continued

This was one of the first pear still lifes I painted. The light reminded me of a day at the beach and so, with the napkin as the towel, it became...

"Pears at the Beach" - watercolor - 11" x 15" 

This sweet little red pear is a bit misshapen but still proud.

"The Pear Stands Alone" - watercolor - 9" x 9"

And this still life group reminded me of proud parents watching their little one venture off into the unknown by herself for the first time.

"Proud" - watercolor - 12" x 12" 

Here is the original maverick, not worrying about whatever the "in crowd" is saying about him.

"Outsider" - watercolor - 11" x 15"

Three is a kind of magical number for me. So, here are several takes on pear triplets....

"Triplets #1" - watercolor - 6" x 8" - sold

"D'Anjou Triplets" - watercolor - 9" x 12" 

"Bosc Triplets #3" - watercolor - 12" x 12" 

And finally, "Where were you pears on the night of August 10th, 2009?"

"Bosc Lineup" - watercolor - 6" x 18"

The Pear Series....

When I left teaching to go back into the studio, I wanted to return to painting large landscapes in oils. And it started that way. But when cold weather came I found that still life caught my interest and pears were my choice. And watercolor intrigued me, so I started experimenting with watercolor paintings of pears.

Sometimes one...

"One" - watercolor - 8" x 9 1/2" 

sometimes two...

"Falling Out" - watercolor - 18' x24"

and sometimes more....

"Follow" - 16" x 16" - watercolor 

I saw interesting people-types in my pears and they reminded me of friends, my students, and the interactions between and amongst them. So, I arranged them in simple settings--folded paper or a crumpled napkin--and imagined how they might be relating with one another.

"Gossip" -watercolor - 12" x 16"

My perspective on my pears enabled me to look down on them and see what was going on. I found it entertaining to create a little world for them (and for myself!)

"Hide" - watercolor - 12" x 16"

Next week, more pears to peruse....