Monday, January 18, 2010

Gridded Landscapes

I call these pieces gridded landscapes because although they attempt to capture the feel of a place or a day or a thought and they all relate to landscape, they are composed inside a grid which may be broken in places.  The grid imposes a human structure on the landscape and provides a kind of storyboard in which to tell the tale of an observed set of images.

There may be a suggestion of rain or snow or sun or rock.  Here, the colors are dark, recalling the feel of an impending storm...

"Storm Day"
watercolor, graphite, colored pencil

In some places, natural forms like grass or moon are recognizable.  In other parts of the grid there might be just the suggestion of trees, roots, weather.  This piece was inspired by a drive from Massachusetts to Vermont on a winter day...

"Mountain Day"
watercolor, graphite, colored pencil

The juxtaposition of nature and man-made structure may be evident.  And perhaps there is a tension between the two....

"Sky Interrupted"

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