Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Daily Painter Week Six

We've been traveling--to Virginia and to Connecticut--and it's a challenge to keep up with daily painting and drawing.  Here's one I did before we left....

"Old Tree on River Road"
6" x 8" - soft pencil on gessoed paper

And, below are four little daffodil paintings just finished....

"Little Daffodils"
4" x 6" - watercolor and marker

The flowers are finally starting to bloom here and so I did some little studies....

"Bleeding Heart Study
6" x 8" - watercolor

"Flowering Quince Study"
6" x 8" - watercolor

Friday, May 23, 2014

Daily Painter Week Five

I'm a bit late with my blog for this week--we just got home from traveling to Virginia, visiting with friends, and I didn't have access to my computer until now.

Below is a drawing I did at Mink Brook Nature Preserve.

"Birdhouse in the Woods"
6" x 9" - soft pencil

Route 14 north of Bethel is a great place to find old farms and weathered outbuildings like the one below.  I definitely will be going back there!

"Old Farm, Route 14"
6" x 8" - soft pencil on gessoed paper

Here are a few close up photos of barns, silos and outbuildings that I took that same day.

I thought I might use these photos for paintings or drawing but when I looked at them I decided they needed to stand alone as photos.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Daily Painter Week Four

I've been doing a drawing or painting every day now for a month.  I am amazed at this since I wasn't getting into the studio very much earlier this year.
I started the week with two drawings of studio objects.  The first is my canvas stretching stapler.

"Red Stapler"
6" x 8" - soft pencil on gessoed paper with colored pencil and watercolor

I liked the black, white and red colors together and so I decided to draw the hammer I use for hanging pictures and banging on staples that don't go all the way into the stretcher frames.

"Red Hammer"
6" x 10" - soft pencil with watercolor

This next series of small abstracts is done in the same manner as last week's "Tulips".  These also look good connecting to one another in a horizontal format.  

"Moving Fractures"
4" x 6" - watercolor with collage

Below is a marker drawing I did last Thursday at Mink Brook Nature Preserve in Hanover, New Hampshire with the Odanaksis Artists who have been painting plein aire together for the past eleven years.

"Ancient Tree"
6" x 9" - Sharpie Marker

I was fortunate to be able to work plein aire two days this past week and now have two drawings plus lots of photos to work from.  More next week....

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Daily Painter Week Three

I spent a lot of time in the studio this week and created seven new pieces....

"Sap Bucket #2"
6" x 8" - soft pencil on gessoed paper

"Barn on the Hill"
6" x 8" - soft pencil on gessoed paper

The flowers below will be mounted horizontally into one frame....

 4" x 6" - watercolor with collage

The watercolor below is the second painting inspired by a snowy day on Calendar Hill....

"Shadow Ribbons II"
9" x 12" - watercolor

This Daily Painter adventure goes on.  I wonder what next week will bring?