Friday, May 23, 2014

Daily Painter Week Five

I'm a bit late with my blog for this week--we just got home from traveling to Virginia, visiting with friends, and I didn't have access to my computer until now.

Below is a drawing I did at Mink Brook Nature Preserve.

"Birdhouse in the Woods"
6" x 9" - soft pencil

Route 14 north of Bethel is a great place to find old farms and weathered outbuildings like the one below.  I definitely will be going back there!

"Old Farm, Route 14"
6" x 8" - soft pencil on gessoed paper

Here are a few close up photos of barns, silos and outbuildings that I took that same day.

I thought I might use these photos for paintings or drawing but when I looked at them I decided they needed to stand alone as photos.  

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