Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daily Painter Week Ten

A busy, busy week!  First up is the painting I did in my plein aire workshop in Pomfret.  I worked with a new palette and mixed all my greens which was quite a challenge.  And who knew you could make a great cerulean blue with white, a little bit of thalo blue and cadmium lemon yellow?

"Felicity Farm"
9" x 12" - oil on canvas

Last week, Sandy and I went to Cider Hill Gardens in Windsor to paint.  I haven't finished my painting yet but here are some photos of the amazing perennials there....

"Day Lilies"


"Little Roses"

"Little Hosta"

"Huge Hosta"

Finally, below, is the colorful hanging basket on our deck.  It needs lots of water and dead-heading but it's worth it for all this abundant color....

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