Thursday, October 29, 2015

Painting with Sandy

Yesterday was too wet to paint outdoors and too dark to paint in the studio so Sandy and I set up in the kitchen with a fall flower bouquet and got out our watercolors.  Working back and forth on two paintings is a good way to go so on a damp day like yesterday.  One can dry a bit while I work on the other.  At the end of the session, I had two studies, this first, a light and breezy painting.  I may go back in and add a few details...

"Fall Flowers"
watercolor - 4" x 6"

The next one is my attempt to add a dark background to make the flowers stand out.  I also sprayed it with water to soften parts but maybe I got carried away a bit...

watercolor - 4" x 6"

So, I decided to add some marker lines to clarify details and edges and pump it up a little and I'm pretty happy with it now...

watercolor and marker - 4" x 6"

As I get back to painting after a very busy season of guests and travel, it's fun and very accessible to start by working small. 

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