Monday, January 30, 2017

Daily Artist 2016

The Current exhibit at ArtisTree Gallery in South Pomfret, VT, runs through February 11th.  It shows the work of twenty-eight artists who pledged to work at art every day for the year 2016.
Since the beginning of last year, as a part of Daily Artist 2016, I have been making an "inchie" a day--that is, a one inch by one inch drawing or painting prompted by something that happened that day.  Most of them are inspired by nature--many skies, landscapes, flowers.  And others are reactions to events in my life.  Some required an extra square to fit the image.  Some took lots of time and some very little.  They are all arranged on a large piece of gridded watercolor paper and at times (when we were traveling, for example) I created my inchies on separate little papers and attached them to the larger work when I got home.  Here is the composite of my year....

"A Year of Inchies"
mixed media - 17" x 20"

The inchies take me back to our 5 weeks out west visiting National Parks, the arrival of our new Portuguese Water Dog, Sea Sea, trips to Connecticut, Cape Cod and Rockport, MA.  It's a kind of visual journal.
In addition to my inchies, I decided to choose a favorite from each week to make larger.  These became my "weeklies"...

"A Year of Weeklies"
mixed media - 15" x 20"

I also am showing three slightly larger pieces--this is what my little section of the exhibit looks like...

ArtisTree Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 4pm.
Please come visit!

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