Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Fairly Random Thoughts....

This morning, I took myself to the Woodstock Farmers' Market to get some heirloom apples.  For painting, not for eating.   I came out with a great sandwich and some very cool apples:   
     •  three "Knobbed Russets", all green and webby, also known as "Old Maids in Winter" back in England in the early 1800's
     •  A "Black Oxford", not really black--more like a deep, dark purpley red
     •  three "Reine des Reinettes", translating to "Queen of the Pippens"
     •  a "Holstein" (apple, not cow)
     •  three Ashmead's Kernels, a lovely 300-year-old variety with sort of scruffy green skin
     •  one "Hidden Rose" which promises to have pink flesh
     •  a "Hudson Golden Gem", gold, red and lime green, popular in this country in the early 1900's
I don't have any paintings of these lovely apples yet, but soon.

Below are the two plain aire paintings I'm now showing at Artistree Gallery here in Woodstock.  The first was painted back in May off Church Hill Road in South Woodstock....

"Early Spring, South Woodstock"
11" x 14" - oil

And at the end of August we found this site just off route 14 in South Royalton.  While we painted a fisherman was enjoying a day of fly fishing just upstream to the left and a couple of very noisy trains whistled by to the right....

"Railroad Trestle on the White River"
oil - 9" x 12"

I love this painting and will be sad to say goodbye to it when it goes to its new owners....

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