Saturday, December 21, 2013

All those little apples...

At the recent, "Fine Works in Miniature" show at Artistree Gallery in Woodstock, I showed five small apple watercolors.  The first was part of the fifty unframed pieces by fifty artists shown together....

 "Three Knobbed Russets"
7" x 7" - watercolor mounted on clayboard

Most of these paintings, including the one above, were inspired by lovely heirloom apples I discovered at the Woodstock Farmers Market....

"Three Holsteins"
7" x 7" - watercolor

"Three Queens of the Pippins"
7" x 7" - watercolor

This last arrangement made me think of a traffic light--hence the title....

"Stop, Caution, Go"
7" x 7" - watercolor

And I blogged about the creation of this painting last time....

"Three Cortlands"
7" x 7" - watercolor

Working small is an interesting challenge.  I enjoyed it immensely and will remember it as a possibility even as I go about stretching some big canvases for acrylic landscapes.  And all those little apples?  They made fine applesauce.