Thursday, January 2, 2014

Remembering the Colors of Fall

Well, here I sit at the computer, watching the snow fall and expecting (hoping) that we will have the predicted 12" by the time it all ends tomorrow morning.  It's beautiful out there and I love snow days from my time as both a student and a teacher.  They always felt like delightful, unexpected vacations when it was too snowy to go anywhere so you just had to stay home and read a book, finish a knitting project, cook something yummy, take a nap, have some hot chocolate, talk with friends--all those things there wasn't time to do on an ordinary work day.

It wasn't long ago that the landscape looked very different.  This is a painting I began back in the fall when we went up Braintree Hill and found a lovely vista.  I finished it last week....

"Autumn on Braintree Hill"
oil - 9" x 12"

It's hard to believe on a day like this when I only see black white and gray outside and the plow has just made its first pass at the road and driveway that those colors will return.  Beautiful though the snow is, I love knowing that spring will come again and we will be able to go out to paint some more!