Thursday, June 26, 2014

Daily Painter Week Nine

I'm loving the flowers of the season.  This week, the lupine and lemon lilies were blossoming.  They volunteer every year to grace the field below our house with a lovely show of yellow, pink and purple.  Here are four little studies of the lilies.  I added some gold painted paper to the paintings for sparkle....

"Lemon Lilies"
4" x 6" -  watercolor and collage

"Rainy Day at Silver Lake"
6" x 8" - soft pencil on gessoed paper

I painted the above view of Silver Lake on a sunny day but this drawing gives a very different view of the same scene on a gray and rainy day.  Below is a drawing of the house that on the other side is the Barnard Post Office....

"Marsh House"
6" x 8" - pencil sketch

AndI enjoy doing simple line drawings like the plant below to keep my eye fresh....

"Aloe Plant"
6" x 10" - Sharpie marker

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