Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Floral Print Calendar

Here are the images from my Floral Print Calendar.  I have attached them to the months they represent....

January is "Amaryllis and Paper White".

February is "Cyclamen and Snow Drop".

March is "Daffodil and Crocus".

 April is "Tulip and Pussy Willow".

May is "Trillium and Blood Root".

June is "Iris and Forsythia".

July is "Daisy and Bell Flower".

August is "Poppy and Sunflower".

September is "Lily and Morning Glory".

Both the front cover and October are "Foxglove and Black-Eyed Susan".

November is "Rose and Holly".

...and December is "Poinsettia and Berry".

I hope you enjoy these flowers as much as I do!  Both Pear and Floral Print calendars are $20 and note cards (which I posted last week) are $8 plus shipping.  Please email me if you're interested....

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